• Screw it, Let's do it!

    Your Story is Knocking! Will you answer the Call?

    Online Class December 3rd: 12PM PST/3PM EST

    First Day of Class for the 5 Day Jumpstart.

  • Let's Do It Already!

    How long have you been thinking about telling your story?


    How much longer are you going to wait to write that blog, book, one person show etc.?


    Would you believe it if someone told you you can get the first draft completed in just 8 weeks?


    Well, your Genie is here and your wish has been granted!


    Welcome to 'Screw it, Let's Do it!'

  • How the 8 Weeks Works

    8 Weeks have been divided into easy bite size chunks.


    5 Days

    Answer the Call.

    Your Story is Knocking.

    Dive into the treasure chest of your stories and create momentum through 5 min a day.


    21 Days

    Boldly go where you've never gone before. Whether it's your shame, or chaos or mess, let the flood gates open to your story.



    30 Days

    Claim Center Stage!

    Refine, revise and share your story in a safe incubator! You can do it!

  • Your Guides

    Ruthy & Grace

    Ruthy Otero

    "Ruthy makes a solo show look easy!"

    Grace Sangeet Kaur

    "Grace makes the impossible possible!"

  • Word!

    Theresa O'Dea

    Grace is consistently and endlessly inspiring. Her talent and gifts of ever-expanding breadth of knowledge in her fields of expertise is remarkable. If I could coin a term to describe her it would be: PolyCreativeCrossPolinator. She is pure joy and a force that powers forward.


    Grace guided me on a journey that unveiled deeply rooted obstacles which had for decades blocked me from achieving my dreams. She adjusted my perception and assigned a simple and manageable plan of action that is already leading directly to the manifestation of my desires. The path ahead never before appeared so clear to me.

    Maxine Bee

    I felt stuck and unable to relax deeply. Grace helped me find deep relaxation through the hypnosis session. She also helped me envision a life with components that I did not realize had been missing. Ever since our session, those components seem to enter my existence without me having to search.


    Now I feel fulfillment even during times that would have previously felt difficult. This is because I know I am working toward my purpose, and that those actions are supported by the powers of our collective higher consciousness, encouraging us to be kind, to help, to connect with our earth and the other beings with which we share it. The unknown feels exciting and the moments revelatory.

    Holy & Horny

    Tanya Bolton


    Ruthy helped me learn to fly and made my dream of writing and performing come true!

    Captain MJ's Fantastic Journey

    Mary Jo McConnell​


    Thanks to Ruthy's insights, I looked at the previous outline of my show and realized I have something far more interesting to offer!

  • In this online masterclass, you’ll learn how to:


    • Value the story that wants to be told through you.
    • Identify the true cause of your procrastination and perfectionism.
    • Start dissolving the seed of your self-sabotage and doubt.
    • Unlock your subconscious mind to reveal the story you are meant to tell.
    • Make writing feel effortless and less like a chore.

    You'll learn how to stop sabotaging yourself so you can FINALLY release your story.

  • How VALUABLE is your STORY?

    LIVE Online Masterclass
    Join us at12PM PST / 3 PM EST, Sunday,
    December 3rd to find out

    how to get out of your own way and finally tell your story.

    Would you like to finally start (or finish) that blog, memoir, book

    screenplay, Ted Talk or one-person show you've been thinking about for so long?

    Would you like to have a collection of fun, meaningful stories that felt like they wrote themselves for your book,

    YouTube channel, or to share on Instagram Stories?

    Would you like to stop thinking "Who's going to care about my story?"
    Grace & Ruthy have magical super-powers to help ease your pain and suffering around writing.
    We makes the impossible feel totally possible!

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    Will you start now or never?

    8 Week Adventure
    8 Week Adventure
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    5 Day Jumpstart
    5 Day Jumpstart
    Two live online classes
    One 45 min private session with Ruth
    One 45 min private session with Grace
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